Nara Hotel – Audrey Hepburn Stayed 🦌

♥Posted by Satomi♥ Nara Hotel is a long-established traditional hotel established in 1902. It is a semi-Western style building by architect Tatsuno Kingo who designed Tokyo Station and Bank of Japan headquarters. From the elegant interior, you can feel the history that has continued since the establishment. At that time, as a State Guest House in Kansai, it is known to have invited guests from overseas such as Audrey Hepburn, Helen Keller, Dr. Einstein, and Charles Chaplin. Staying in an elegant old hotel The Nara Hotel is located on a hill in Nara Park and is an excellent location with views of Mt. Wakakusa and the five-storied pagoda of Kofuku-ji … Continue reading Nara Hotel – Audrey Hepburn Stayed 🦌