Guesthouse Yaezakura – Kyoto-like Accommodation 🌸

♥Posted by Aya♥ I’d like to introduce a new inn Kyoto Guesthouse Yaezakura  in Kyoto. This is a completely private inn built by renovating a Kyomachiya. The owner who loves Kyoto is particular about the interior and furnishings as well as the building materials, and you can feel “Real Kyoto” everywhere. Flower Yaezakura are also good! One Building Reserved The advantage of renting one building is that you don’t have to worry about other customers. It’s also recommended for those who want to stay with your family or stay with good friends who like Kyoto. And the most characteristic of Yaezakura is the existence of consurge which is rare for an … Continue reading Guesthouse Yaezakura – Kyoto-like Accommodation 🌸