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Fukuoka TOTO Museum – Let’s learn about toilets! 🚽

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Do you know that Japanese toilets are the most advanced in the world? The comfort of the Washlet is recognized and used in many countries.

TOTO is the most representative manufacturer in Japan that has continued to support this technology.

TOTO Museum opened in Kitakyushu to commemorate TOTO’s 100 year anniversary and teach the technology and history of Japanese toilets. It is also recommended for adult field trip.

TOTO Museum is located right next to the head office of TOTO in Kitakyushu. The shiny, clean exterior of the building is like a toilet bowl surface.

Here you can learn about the development of toilets in line with changes in people’s culture and lifestyles.

Let me introduce the charm of the museum.ヾ(^▽^*)))

About Washlets

Actually, Washlet is the product name of the bidet sold by TOTO. Since its release in 1980, it has been improved to its present form.

It is said that there are many voices from abroad saying “One of the inventions Japan should be proud of is the Washlet.".

Washlet G

The first Washlet G was designated a mechanical heritage site in 2012 for changing the Japanese toilet habit.

A large number of products, including Washlets, are on display here, as are certified “Heritage of Industrial Modernization" and “Building Equipment Technology Heritage" products.

TOTO Museum is where you can see and experience the progress of TOTO.

About the exhibits

The evolution of TOTO products is divided into categories, and valuable products installed in famous buildings are reproduced.

A miniature version of the product is displayed in the building. It’s too cute!(❤ ω ❤)

This is not a toy for children, but a salesperson in those days carried it as a catalog. They are very elaborately made.


This is called a stool type siphon jet toilet. Certified as a “Building Equipment Technology Heritage". The old toilet seat was made of wood.


The toilet Bike Neo was displayed in the lounge.

I thought this bike was a joke, but it actually used excrement as fuel to drive across Japan (1400 km).

At that time, there were a lot of candies in the toilet bowl and they were giving them to children.

Support for foreign languages

1. Museum brochure
The museum has brochures in 11 languages:
Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified character), Chinese (Traditional), Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, French, German, Spanish, Malay.

2. Audio guide equipment
You can borrow equipment called “Voice guide pen" for free, and you can listen to the exhibits in the museum with earphones. Supported languages are Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean.

3. Smartphone support
Free WiFi is available in the building. There is a QR code in front of each exhibition, and you can read it on your smartphone and listen to the explanation. >>Find out more


Factory tour and souvenir shop

You can also visit the toilet manufacturing factory together with the museum.

Why don’t you actually see the manufacturing process of the latest sanitary ware and faucet fittings? (Reservation is required in advance.)


After the tour, let’s get souvenirs that can only be bought here.

It is also fun to carefully choose souvenirs unique to TOTO such as original toilet paper and toilet bowl shaped accessory case.♪(^∇^*)


Japanese toilets have made remarkable progress for several decades. Every home now has a Washlet. The world’s toilet situation is also changing.

It can be said that the history of TOTO made this possible.

Why don’t you come to this museum and think about the toilet for a day?


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