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2 Otter Cafes, Let’s Be Healed by Otters in Japan 🦦

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There are more and more places where you can come in contact with cute creatures such as dog cafes, cat cafes and owl cafes.

Among these animal cafes, otter cafes are very popular in Japan for their cute appearance, chirping and character.

You can touch them at zoos and aquariums, but don’t you want to touch them more closely like dogs and cats?

Here are two cafes where you can interact with otters in Japan.

What kind of animal is an otter?

An otter is a mammal belonging to Mustelidae and lives in various parts of the world. Japanese otters used to live in Japan, but they are said to be extinct now.

Otters live on land, but they are also good at swimming underwater. They mainly eat fish and frogs.


Most of the otters you see at zoos and aquariums in Japan are Asian small-clawed otter (Aonyx cinerea).

The name of this otter is said to be derived from the fact that it lives from Southeast Asia to Indonesia and has small nails on the fingertips. The size is from 40 cm to 65 cm.

There aren’t many cafes in Japan where you can interact with otters, but here are two in Tokyo and Kobe.

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Rabbit Cafe mimi (Tokyo)

It is located along Sunshine 60 street, a 5-minute walk from the east exit of Ikebukuro station. From the name of the cafe, you can come in contact with rabbits, but you can also do that with a few otters.

The shop is on the first basement floor of a multi-tenant building, and the entrance is a cute pink door. The inside of the cafe is divided into a space for rabbits and one for otters.

The animals are kept free from stress. You can touch the relaxing otters and rabbits.🐰

Please check the rules carefully before coming to the cafe. It is prohibited to shout or chase. Flash photography is also prohibited.


Then it’s time to touch the otters. Get permission from the staff and gently stroke their head. You will be enchanted by the spoiled look.o((>ω< ))o

It heals you even when it is lying on its back. When you put food on its stomach, it doesn’t move a little and doesn’t watch out.

You can feed them if you want. Please touch otters as much as you want.


Otters need a break, so there are times when you can’t touch them. Let’s let otters rest properly. Let’s come here after understanding the rules of the cafe.


This is a rabbit cafe with otters, so of course you can also touch rabbits. It is prohibited to hold or hold the ears or tail, so please be careful.

There are the Netherland Dwarf which became the model of Peter Rabbit, Holland Rop which became popular with its cute drooping ears, and Lion Rabbit which is characterized by its bushy hair like a lion’s mane.

About 50 rabbits in total will welcome you!

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Kitanozaka Kawauso Cafe (Kobe)

The cafe is located in Kobe Kitanozaka, less than a 10 minute walk from Sannomiya Station.

This is a small animal cafe and there are various cute animals waiting for you in the cafe. Among them, otters are the most popular.

Unlike cat cafes, this cafe doesn’t have a style where customers enter the cafe where cats are relaxing here and there. Each table is greeted by otters and other small animals in cages.


When you enter the cafe and sit down, you order a drink first. At this time, staff will ask you if you want to touch animals, so please order if you want.

Even if you don’t order it, you can have a blissful time just by drinking coffee or soft drinks and watching the animals.

If you want to touch animals, you need to order separately. If you order, you can touch each other in the exclusive room for 3 minutes.


When the time to interact with animals comes, the staff will call out to you and support you.

In the case of cat cafes and dog cafes, I think some people may care about stress to animals. But this cafe has a style where you touch each other with the lead of staff who know each animal’s character. This is the cafe’s policy not to give stress to animals as much as possible.


First, the staff will open the door of the cage and let you touch her. She seems to like to stroke her face gently.

The otter’s hair looks hard, but it’s surprisingly soft. When you stroke her, she looks very comfortable and wiggles. It’s really lovely! (❁´◡`❁)

Next, it’s otter snack time. If you put a snack on her palm and serve it, she clutches it with her hand dexterously and eats it quickly. Her hands are small, but they are soft and comfortable.

She loves this snack and she will be so excited that she will eat it very fast.

There are two otters in this cafe. Both are full of energy and always playing with each other. Just looking at it is fun and comforting.

They remember you and become more attached to you after going there 2 ~ 3 times.


Also, small animals other than otters are very cute. There are hedgehogs, ferrets and sugar gliders. Degoumouses are showing their loveliness.♥

This cafe is in a good location to stop by for a rest while sightseeing, but sometimes it gets full, so you should make a reservation before you visit.

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Cafes with otters are rare even if you search all over Japan, so they are valuable. If you go near them, you should visit them to be healed.

When you visit an animal cafe, please follow the rules and enjoy it so as not to give stress to animals!

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