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Too Cute Shrine in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan ♥

♥Posted by Misato

Do you know Koinoki-jinja Shrine in Fukuoka prefecture?

It is said that if you visit here, you will receive blessings such as love fulfillment and good match fulfillment.

You can also see a lot of heart shapes in the precincts of Koinoki-jinja, which has become a hot topic on SNS as a “too cute shrine."♡

This time, I will introduce this Koinoki-jinja in detail.

About Koinoki-jinja Shrine

Koinoki-jinja is a shrine with a long history that has existed since the Kamakura period.

It is located on the same premises as Mizuta Tenmangu Shrine.

This shrine enshrines Koi-no-Mikoto as an enshrined deity. This is very rare and it is said that there is only Koinoki-jinja in Japan.

As a god of love, it is loved by many people, especially young women.


Mizuta Tenmangu Shrine

Koinoki-jinja is located 5 minutes by car or 20 minutes on foot from JR Hainuzuka Station. In addition, it is accessible from Yame IC of Kyushu Expressway in 10 minutes by car.

You should also visit Mizuta Tenmangu Shrine in the same site.

There are lots of hearts in the precincts ♥

Koinoki Torii Gate

Koinoki-jinja, which is attracting attention as a power spot for love, is characterized by heart motifs scattered throughout the precincts.

For example, this Koinoki torii gate has an impressive large heart in the center. No other shrine has such a cute torii.*★,°*:.☆

Surprisingly, 10 hearts are used for this torii! Please look around the torii carefully and look for 10 hearts.

Koi-sando Approach

Several heart-shaped porcelain boards are laid on Koi-sando approach.

These boards are made of Mizutayaki, a local traditional craft. The colorful heart shapes are very cute.

♪(´▽`) ♡♡♡

Koinoki Stone Lanterns

There are two Koinoki stone lanterns beside Koi-sando. Actually, the holes of 2 stone lanterns are heart-shaped.

On New Year’s Eve or during festivals, this heart-shaped light is lit, creating a fantastic atmosphere. You can feel the attention to heart.(❤ ω ❤)

Honden (main shrine building)

Heart motifs are scattered in the main shrine of the colorful Koinoki-jinja.

By the way, if you want to pray for matchmaking, offer money of 5 yen, 25 yen and 45 yen is recommended.


Koufuku-no-ki (tree of happiness)

Koufuku-no-ki is a 600 year-old tree in the precincts of shrine. It is said that if you turn left, right and left around the tree, you will be happy.

Also, the torii with a heart motif in front of the tree is impressive.

You can also find hearts everywhere in the precincts. Please visit the site and enjoy the heart search.

Cute experience

Make a wish to the Ema

Koinoki-jinja is also called Valentine Shrine. Especially from around January, many women come to worship, write their wishes on Ema and put it up in the precincts.

The Ema you can see in the precincts of Koinoki-jinja is mostly for praying for love.

At other shrines where it is said that there are benefits to a good match, you can see a large percentage of wishes other than love, but at Koinoki-jinja, most of them are wishes related to love.

Heart-shaped Amulet

There are many kinds of amulets at Koinoki-jinja, but the most popular one is a heart-shaped amulet made of pottery.

Have you seen something like this anywhere?

Yes!, it was buried in Koi-sando approach.♡♡♡…

You can attach it to your belongings and carry it around. Besides pink, various colors such as white and blue are sold.


There are also amulets for easy delivery and traffic safety.

Delicious Koimonaka Sweet

How about Koi-monaka, the original Japanese sweet of Koinoki-jinja, as a souvenir?

It’s a white and pink sweet with a cute round heart shape. It’s good to buy it as a souvenir for your friend and share the power of love.(≧∇≦)ノ


Several festivals are held!

It’s a fun shrine to visit anytime, but you can enjoy a different atmosphere on festival days. If the schedule is good, please participate.

Koinoki-jinja holds two festivals for the fulfillment of a good match every year.

Events related to love are held every year on February of Valentine’s Day and July 7.

There are many shrines throughout Japan, but Koinoki-jinja is the only shrine that appeals so much about love.♪

When you go to the Kyushu region, please visit Koinoki-jinja.


Koinoki-jinja is a romantic power spot in Fukuoka Prefecture and is characterized by its many adorable heart motifs.

If you want to pray for love or like cute spots, why don’t you visit Koinoki-jinja? ♥

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