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7 Hotels and Ryokan in Kanagawa for Couples 💑

Posted by Satomi

If you get tired of sightseeing in Tokyo, I recommend Kanagawa prefecture. There are many nice cheap hotels and ryokans there.

Kanagawa is close to Tokyo, and you can enjoy Kamakura and other attractive sightseeing spots without spending much money or time traveling.

This time, I will introduce hotels and ryokans in Kanagawa recommended for couples.♪


Spend time in a stylish room♪

It is located about 5 minutes’ walk from Yokohama Station, so you can easily go from the city center and it is a convenient location for a date in Yokohama City.☆

The interior lighting and tiling look like a hotel in New York, and despite being in Yokohama, it has the atmosphere of being outside of Japan.

( *︾▽︾)

The guest rooms have an American vintage feel inspired by passenger ship cabins. The furniture is a collaboration with the interior brand ACME Furniture.

☆*: .。*☆

The restaurant PANWOK on the first floor has the same American vintage atmosphere as the guest rooms.

“PAN" means frying pan, and “WOK" means wok, so you can enjoy the dishes of chefs who have many years of experience in Western and Chinese cuisine.

Aren’t you excited about the taste of the fusion of Western and Chinese food?

(╹ڡ╹ )

Why don’t you have a colorful buffet breakfast at the restaurant in the morning? It feels good to eat breakfast in a stylish space from the morning.♪


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Hayama Umino Hotel ★Hayama Town

Let’s spend simple time by the sea!

This is a hotel where you can feel the sea with your five senses. Not only can you see the ocean from the large window, but the interior is decorated with a refreshing interior that makes you feel like you are in the ocean.ヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ

You can have a special time with the huge lighting made of driftwood, the plants that fit the open sea and the comfortable sound.♪♪♪

Why don’t you enjoy the murmuring of waves and the sunset sinking on the horizon that you don’t have in the city?


Of course the guest rooms have an ocean view. You can enjoy the feeling of freedom as if you were in a resort hotel.

The simple blue interior will make you feel happy just by being there.

*★,°*:.☆*.°★* 。

The hot spring on the top floor of the hotel has a magnificent view. There is no doubt that you can refresh your body while being healed by the hot spring and your mind being healed by the scenery.

On a clear day, you can see the mountains of Izu Peninsula and Mount Fuji. Why don’t you take a break and look back on your memories with your lover?


The cafe & bar is surrounded by a bright and gentle atmosphere, perfect for a change.

The craft beer such as the local representative Yorocco beer and Hayama beer and the shaved ice like powder snow are recommended.

The two of you will refresh from the bottom of your heart and smile more than usual.♪

How about a hotel where you can spend time with such a sea?

Hayama Umino Hotel

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Hotel Metropolitan Kamakura ★Kamakura city

Stay in an ancient capital

This hotel is in a good location about 2 minutes’ walk from Kamakura Station, yet has an exterior that is familiar to the ancient capital Kamakura.

It is located along Wakamiya Oji which is perfect for dating.

Since it opened in 2020, the inside of the building is clean and refined. Why don’t you stay a little away from reality and enjoy the calm of the ancient capital?


There are guest rooms such as Premium Corner Twin where you can see the torii gate of Tsurugaoka Hachimangu, and rooms with garten. It is a simple space with a sense of openness.

Why not sit on a chair in the garden and sunbathe, or look at the night sky, and refresh yourself with nature you can’t get in Tokyo?


Bath time that is different from usual is unique to travel. If you stay in a room with a garden, you can enjoy luxurious bath time while looking out.

It is also good to soak in the hot water slowly while bathing in the morning light.

(✿◡‿ ◡)

There is a small but beautiful courtyard. It is good to stay in the room all the time, but you can change your mood in the courtyard when you want to get some fresh air.

It’s just the right size to enjoy time with your lover.♥

Hotel Metropolitan Kamakura

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Hotel Kajikaso ★Hakone

Relax in a rich hot spring!

This hotel has a long history, and if you take a step, the elegant space will welcome you.

It is recommended for couples who want to spend a relaxing time in a calm Japanese-style space. The scenery that changes its expression depending on the season is one of the highlights.

It takes about 5 minutes on foot from Hakone-Yumoto Station.


If you choose a room with a view of the river, you can enjoy the beauty of Hayakawa River that goes well with the mountains of Hakone.

Why don’t you refresh yourselves while listening to the sound of nature?


You can enjoy leisurely and luxuriously in the large public bath and the open-air bath with a view on the top floor. They are hot springs that gush out from as many as 9 rich private sources.

From the open-air bath with a sense of openness, you can enjoy the mountains of Hakone during the day and the bright starry sky at night.☆*: .。.

Enjoy a blissful time surrounded by soft hot water. If your body heals, you can get energy for activities from tomorrow.

( *︾▽︾)

At the restaurant, you can enjoy Kaiseki cuisine dishes that you can feel the change of seasons.

From fresh seafood from Sagami Bay, which is usually hard to eat, to meat dishes, the chef’s playful dishes are lined up.

The breakfast is well-balanced with a wide variety of dishes, and the contents are full of power from the morning.

If you eat a lot of delicious food, you’ll feel refreshed from the morning.

Hotel Kajikaso

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Oakwood Suites Yokohama ★Minatomirai Yokohama

Practice living together?

This is not an ordinary hotel, but a service apartment type hotel that can be used from one night.

The hotel occupies the upper floors of the building, and the guest rooms are on the 46th floor or higher, so the view of Minato Mirai spreads down there, and you can feel rich like you are living in a condo tower.


The room is equipped with furniture, appliances, tableware and all other necessities of life, so you can spend your time just like living there.

The interior is like a model of a condo tower, and it’s fun to think about the layout of a future love nest with your lover.

(✿◕‿ ◕✿)

Why don’t you buy ingredients at a nearby supermarket and cook?

You’ll feel like a newlywed, unlike your usual date.

All the guest rooms have balconies, so you can enjoy the view of Yokohama while drinking coffee.

[]~( ̄▽ ̄)

After all, there is a luxury here that you can see the night view of Yokohama from the upper floors.

The glittering night view of Yokohama such as Yokohama Bay Bridge, Osanbashi Bridge and a large passenger boat, and the avenue in front of Yamashita Park is very romantic.♡

Oakwood Suites Yokohama

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Hilton Odawara Resort & Spa ★Odawara City

Be healed by the tranquil scenery

This hotel is located on a hill overlooking Sagami Bay. The access from Tokyo is the furthest among the ones I will introduce this time, it takes about an hour and a half by train.

All rooms have an ocean view, overlooking Sagami Bay. The rising sun from the sea and the surface of the water lit by the moonlight will heal your mind.

Why don’t you take your time talking with your lover surrounded by a peaceful scenery?


You can enjoy the hot spring pumped up from 1,500 meters underground in the large natural hot spring bath “Soubo-no-Yu".

It is said that it has a high thermal effect and keeps warm even after taking a bath.

You will be able to refresh yourself from the bottom of your heart with a large panoramic sense of freedom overlooking Sagami Bay.

(★‿ ★)

With 10 different pools and saunas, the Bade Zone is the perfect place to soothe yourself. The tiling that reminds you of Europe and the open space will make you feel better.♪

The fine details feature a design inspired by Odawara’s plum trees.

Why not enjoy the extraordinary feeling that heals your body and mind from the core?


For dinner, I recommend the buffet with more than 30 kinds of dishes using seasonal ingredients. You can enjoy the luxury of eating whatever you like as much as you like.♪

At the live kitchen corner, they cook sushi and tempura in front of you. You can enjoy it with your eyes.

If you are healed at the spa, you will get hungry, so let’s share with your lover and eat a lot!

Hilton Odawara Resort & Spa

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Oiso Prince Hotel ★Oiso Town

Why don’t you detox at the spa?

This hotel is adjacent to Oiso Long Beach, so I recommend it especially in summer. You can see the ocean from all over the building, so you will feel as if you are in an overseas resort.

Wouldn’t you like to enjoy a lot of resort feeling surrounded by the smell of the tide and bright sunlight?

It takes about 13 minutes from Oiso Station by bus.

(✿◡‿ ◡)

The interior of the guest rooms facing the sea is connected directly to the sea, and the white and blue colors create a refreshing look.

THERMAL SPA S. WAVE has a pool, a hot spring, a sauna, and even treatments to soothe your entire body.

The infinity pool, which melts into the horizon, looks like the pool and the Pacific Ocean are united, and you can enjoy a special floating feeling like swimming in the sea.

The water temperature seems to be adjusted according to the season, so it is comfortable even in winter.


As the name suggests, the panoramic sauna overlooks the sea of Shonan, and you can relax in the warm air.

You can see Mt. Fuji on a sunny day, so you can relax while receiving power.

There are also stone saunas and Finnish saunas, so please spend a time to refresh your body. You need to wear a swimsuit in order to use it, so you won’t be bothered by people.

Oiso Prince Hotel

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If you take a refreshing trip with your lover, you will surely have a wonderful future.♡♡♡

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