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How about the exotic port town of Kobe if you stay with your beloved boyfriend?

There are many romantic spots in Kobe such as Kobe Kitano Ijinkan-Gai, Harborland and Meriken Park where you can enjoy the beautiful night view.

If you want to stay in Kobe, I recommend a hotel with a slightly luxurious view bath. The view of Kobe while soaking in the hot water with your lover is like a different world.

When you spend time with the night view like a jewelry box, it will be an important memory for both of you.

This time, I will introduce you to 7 hotels with a view bath in Kobe which you want to stay on a special day.☆彡

Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel

This is a hotel where you can enjoy an extraordinary stay like traveling on a luxury liner. It is in a perfect location surrounded by the sea with 270 degrees of circumference, and you can enjoy the superb view of Kobe from various places of the hotel.

Meriken Park and Kobe Port Tower are within a 5-minute walk. The standard check-out time is 12 o’clock, which is a little late, so it is recommended for couples who want to relax in the morning.( *︾▽︾)

It is about 8 minutes on foot from Minato Motomachi Station on the subway coastline.


The guest room where you can enjoy the view bath is Junior Corner Suite South View on the 11th floor of the hotel. In the spacious guest rooms, there are sofas where you can leave your body comfortably, so you can spend a relaxing time.

There is a two-sided balcony with a wood deck outside the window. You can sit on the deck chair and enjoy the view of the sea to your heart’s content.


When you go out to the balcony, the sea spreads out in front of you! You can see Port Island and Kobe Airport in the distance. When the weather is good and the air is clear, you can see the opposite shore of Osaka Bay and enjoy more dynamic scenery.(⊙o⊙)

When you look at the sea while the sea breeze blows, you will feel like you are traveling on a boat with your lover.

You can also enjoy the beautiful view from the bathroom over the balcony. In the morning, the sea sparkles with sunlight. At night, you can see the starry sky like jewels, and it will heal your heart.*★,°*:.☆


How about having breakfast at Santa Monica’s Wind on the third floor of the hotel the next day after spending a wonderful time?

It is a buffet style, and you can enjoy Japanese, Western, and Chinese dishes, as much as you like from a variety of salads and fruits.(≧∇≦)

You can also enjoy the popular French toast which is freshly baked and fluffy. Enjoy an elegant breakfast with a resort feeling while enjoying the refreshing view of the sea.

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Hotel La Suite Kobe Harborland

I recommend this hotel to those who say “It’s a special anniversary, so I want to have a romantic time.". All of the European style rooms have an ocean view with a terrace. You can have an elegant time in an extremely sweet space.

A short walk away is Kobe Port Tower, from which you can enjoy a panoramic view of Kobe’s streets, and Kobe Harborland, where you can enjoy shopping and dining.

Convenient for sightseeing as it is a 4 minute walk from Minato Motomachi Station on the JR Subway Kaigan Line and a 10 minute walk from JR Kobe Station.


The guest rooms with a view bath are the Executive Superior on the 7th to 10th floors, and the elegant guest rooms with white and brown tone are just like a princess room.♡

Elegant atmosphere makes you feel like a date. From the terrace, you can enjoy views unique to Kobe such as Kobe Port and Kobe Port Tower. Surrounded by a pleasant night breeze and a beautiful night view, the two of you can tilt a glass … and spend your time.♪(´▽`)

The view bath with a jacuzzi is large enough for two people to relax. You can enjoy the night view of Kobe while slowly warming up. Floating up the optional rose petals will give you a more luxurious feel.


There are many plans and options for anniversaries. You can choose a plan that includes French dinner, champagne and a celebration cake for room service, or a romantic rendition that decorates bed sheets with rose petals.

Why not create a little surprise so that your special day with your loved one will be your best memory?

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Kobe Portopia Hotel

It is located on Port Island in Kobe Port, and you can see the city of Kobe from the north and the night view of Kobe Airport from the south. There are 13 restaurants, bars, fitness facilities, a spa and a pool in the hotel, making it perfect for a long stay.

It takes about 3 minutes on foot from Port Liner Shiminhiroba Station. Also, it takes about 8 minutes by Port Liner from Kobe Airport, so it’s easy to get there from the airport.


If you want to stay on a special day, I recommend View Bath Deluxe on the 22nd to 24th floors of the hotel. The design based on wood grain and the interior with a stylish color scheme will make your stay at the hotel more enjoyable with your lover.♡

From the large windows of the guest rooms, you can see the city of Kobe, and you can feel romantic.

Of course, you can enjoy the sparkling night view of Kobe from the bathroom. The view is so beautiful that you will almost be absorbed in it, so you will forget the time and look at it.

Enjoy a relaxing time with the two of you while enjoying the superb view.♪


You can enjoy authentic French cuisine while enjoying the night view of Kobe at the restaurant Trente et Un on the 31st floor of the hotel.

As it is the first partner restaurant of the 2 star French restaurant La Mère Brazier, the food is first-class. It looks bright and beautiful, perfect for special occasions.

How about the Anniversary & Night View Plan which has a beautiful night view and a glass of champagne and other benefits?

The wonderful scenery and delicious food will deepen the bond with your lover!

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Ocean Terrace Ajisai

This is a hotel like a hideaway in a place surrounded by the greenery of Mt. Rokko. Each of the 5 guest rooms has a different atmosphere and it is very special. You can enjoy a relaxing anniversary stay in a quiet environment.

When you stay, you can use a shuttle bus from Rokko Sanjo Station of Rokko Cable, so you don’t have to worry about getting to the hotel.


All rooms are equipped with a view bath and terrace. You can choose between Japanese and Western style rooms where you can relax in Tatami rooms and Western style rooms with a living room with a sofa where you can sit comfortably.♪(^∇^*)

Above all, the guest room Nemunoki on the second floor of the hotel is a Western style room with a chic design, perfect for adult couples. From the roofed terrace, you can see the nature of Mt. Rokko up close and the streets of Kobe in the distance, and you can enjoy a relaxing time.


Enjoy the scenery of the four seasons while warming yourself in the bathtub made with Shigaraki ware. When you open the window, you can hear the sound of trees and the chirping of birds, and you can have a relaxing time.

If the weather is good, please use the private open-air jacuzzi on the top floor of the hotel. In the morning, you can see the nature of Mount Rokko and the streets of Kobe, and at night, you can see the stars in full sky, so you can feel free.

Since you need to make a reservation on the day, I recommend you to ask as soon as you arrive at the hotel.

*★,°*:.☆( ̄▽ ̄)/$:*.°★* 。

For dinner, you can have Kaiseki Ryori at the restaurant in the building. Each season, the dishes made with local ingredients from the mountains and the sea have an elegant taste that makes use of the flavor of the ingredients.

The gorgeous appearance of the plate and the arrangement is perfect for a special dinner. You can eat in a private room with a lattice door, so enjoy the space for 2 people.♡

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It is located in the Former Foreign Settlement, which is lined with historic Western-style buildings. From JR Sannomiya Station it is a 10 minute walk.

You will be surprised at the lobby on the top floor when you visit! The refreshing scenery of the port town welcomes the two. From the guest rooms, you can enjoy the city full of exotic atmosphere and the relaxing scenery of Kobe Port and Mount Rokko, and you can spend a relaxing time.

There are many sightseeing spots in the area. Within walking distance are the retro and stylish Daimaru Department Store Kobe and Meriken Park with beautiful scenery of the port and night view. You can also enjoy a little walk date.♪


Each suite has a bathroom overlooking the city of Kobe and Mount Rokko. The Junior Suite, located on the 14th to 16th floors, is spacious and has a walk-in closet.

The marble bathroom has a luxurious atmosphere. The bath tub in City View is an air blow bath that gently covers your body and you can expect a massage effect. The dramatic night view and the bath healed you, and it seems that your relationship will deepen even more.(≧∇≦)

It also features a BOSE audio system, a Nestlé espresso machine, and an aroma diffuser to help you relax. When you get to your room, make some coffee and rest with your lover.


At the end of the day, why not enjoy your adult time at The Bar J.W. Hart on the top floor of the hotel? Here, you can enjoy drinks such as champagne and cocktails as well as snacks and light meals.

Enjoy drinking and talking while looking at the retro Former Foreign Settlement and the calm Kobe Port. It will be an unforgettable memory.

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Seaside Hotel Maiko Villa Kobe

This resort hotel overlooks the Seto Inland Sea and the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, the world’s longest suspension bridge. It is a 7 minute walk from JR Kasumigaoka Station.

There are guest rooms where you can enjoy a panoramic view from the bathroom, so you can enjoy an extraordinary experience. You can see Awaji Island beyond Akashi Kaikyo Bridge.

(✿◕‿ ◕✿)

The suite room with a view bath and the deluxe twin room have an exceptional view from the room. You can see the big bridge from the big window and the rich sea of the Seto Inland Sea.

It shows various expressions depending on the time. In the evening, the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge is lit up against the background of the deep blue sea, and in the morning, you can enjoy the sunshine and the sky blue ocean alone with your lover. Please sit on the sofa by the window and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge lit up is very romantic. The color and lighting pattern change according to time, season and event, and you can enjoy the special feeling only at that time.

On the official website of Honshu-Shikoku Bridge Expressway, the light-up schedule is open to the public, so please check it.


It is a bathroom with 3 windows with an ocean view. Surprisingly, the bathtub is a cute heart shape.♡

You can also turn off the electricity in the bathroom to create a mood.

If you enjoy relaxing time to your heart’s content in a space full of atmosphere, you can have a memorable stay.☆*: .。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

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Hotel Plaza Kobe

This is located on Rokko Island, which has attractive urban streetscape and seasonal nature. The area has a calm atmosphere, so you can spend a relaxing time with your lover. All of the 139 guest rooms have an ocean view.

You can see Kobe Port from the west side and Osaka Bay from the east side, and you can enjoy the open view.

It is a 3-minute walk from Rokko Liner Island Center and directly connected to the station, so you can enjoy sightseeing on rainy days.


The Corner Twin room with a view bath on the 12 to 16th floors of the hotel is perfect for relaxing with a lover. From the classically decorated rooms, you can see the city of Kobe and Osaka Bay. It is a spacious space of more than 40 ㎡, so you can relax as much as you want.(✿◡‿ ◡)

You can also enjoy the view from the bathroom and shower booth. At night, you can see the sparkling sea and the streets of Kobe, and you will be fascinated by the fantastic atmosphere. The beautiful night view makes the bath time on a special day more memorable.


Why don’t you have a nice time at the restaurant on the top floor of the hotel on your important anniversary with your lover? At Smiley Neptune, you can enjoy an elegant dinner while enjoying the night view of Kobe Port.

You can enjoy local delicacies such as Kobe beef and fresh seafood from Awaji Island in French and Italian. There is also a private room, so it is recommended for those who want to enjoy the space only with your lover.

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You want to have a special stay at a hotel on your anniversary with your lover. If you stay at a hotel with a bath with a view, you can enjoy an extraordinary view that you will want to see for a long time, healing your body and mind.

The view of Kobe that you can enjoy while warming up in the bathtub will shorten the distance between you. Find your favorite hotel and have a wonderful anniversary with your lover.☆*: .。.

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