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Liber Hotel At Universal Studios Japan, Perfect Hotel for USJ 🎀

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Universal Studios Japan in Osaka is a theme park where you can blend in with the movie world, be healed by the characters and enjoy attractions.♪

If you want to enjoy USJ to your heart’s content, I recommend LIBER HOTEL AT UNIVERSAL STUDIOS JAPAN, which is close to USJ and offers an extraordinary space.

It’s an official USJ hotel, so you can buy official goods and tickets.

In this hotel, you can enjoy a luxurious stay in a natural hot spring or on the terrace. You will be fascinated by the stylish and fun room that tickles girls’ hearts.

Let’s enjoy both USJ and the hotel stay as much as possible by inviting a close girl.♪(´▽`)

Elegant Rooms in an Extraordinary Space

There are various types such as standard guest rooms, guest rooms with a private observation terrace, and guest rooms where you can spend time with characters. Every room has a special feeling, so it will surely make girls excited!

From among them, I will introduce you to a room that is perfect for girl’s travel, where you can soak in the afterglow of USJ.*★,°*:.☆


Spacious Room is a stylish and mature space!

The Spacious Room has 4 different interior designs and can accommodate up to 4 people. The bright colors and interior of the walls and floors are stylish and luxurious. Let’s get rid of the tiredness of traveling in a soft bed.♪

There is a bathtub with a washing place, so you can soak in hot water well. The washroom is based on white and is a space that tickles girl’s hearts.

There are also amenities, so you don’t have to worry about leaving something behind. In a luxurious bathroom, you’ll be more enthusiastic about skin care than usual.☆*

Girls’ gathering in a Spacious Room Bright in a celebrity mood

The Spacious Room Bright is characterized by a large room. The feminine design based on blue and white will give you an uplifting feeling in a room that is likely to appear in a stylish drama.

It can accommodate up to 6 people, so why don’t you enjoy a stylish girl’s party with your friends?


There are 2 washstands in the washroom, so you can dress up gracefully even on busy women’s mornings.(≧∇≦)

There is also a stylish espresso machine in the room, so why don’t you spend a relaxing time together with a fragrant authentic espresso?

Liber Hotel at USJ

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Peanuts Jazz Room where you can spend time with Snoopy

The Peanuts Jazz Room has a jazz bar atmosphere, and you can spend time surrounded by Snoopy.♥

Up to 4 people can stay, so even a group can use it. Let’s relax gracefully while listening to the flowing jazz. You can enjoy an extraordinary space full of excitement and a sense of special feeling.


Snoopy and others are all over the room. Please also pay attention to the ceiling. You can see wonderful stained glass and art actually used in Snoopy comics there.

Why don’t you take a lot of pictures with Snoopy and others you can only meet here and make memories with them?

(❤ ω ❤)

Snoopy is in both the washroom and the bathroom. Snoopy’s original spa bags and towels are available for guests only.

Also, you can get a card key and case collaborated with a popular person of USJ. That of course has your name on it. You can’t stand the special feeling.(≧∀≦)

In addition to this room, there is a colorful Snoopy’s House Room surrounded by Snoopy.

Sesame Street™️ Big face Room like USJ

Open the door of Sesame Street™️ Big face Room. It’s the world of Sesame Street!

Elmo & Cookie Monster is welcoming you. It is a room where you can enjoy the world view of USJ as it is, and you can’t stop being excited!

It can accommodate up to 5 people, so it is also recommended for group girl’s party.

The walls, sofa and furniture are all designed with characters, and the room is too colorful and cute. The chairs with the characters’ initials on them make you excited.

Please take a lot of pictures as if you are in USJ.♪(^∇^*)

In this room, you can also get original design goods and a card key and case with your name on it.

(★ ω ★)

There are Sesame characters in the bath.


If you stay in a collaboration room, you will be given priority to check in at the special counter.

In addition to this room, there is also a Jurassic World Adventure Room where you can enter the world view of Jurassic World.

Liber Hotel at USJ

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Relax in a Soothing Facility Perfect for Girl’s Trips

The facilities in the hotel have many healing spaces that make girls happy. You can relax and forget your busy daily life such as a terrace with a sense of openness, a spa where you can enjoy natural hot spring, a beauty salon and a relaxation room.

Let’s heal your mind and body.♪


Outstanding sense of openness! Photogenic terrace

Located on the third floor of the hotel, the terrace is a spacious space facing the Ajigawa River. It consists of three areas: a dining area with a dining room, a Goro-goro area where you can relax on an artificial lawn, and a stage area where events can be held.

Relax in a photogenic space suitable for women’s trips.♪

(✿✪‿ ✪。)

At night, you can see the night view of Tenpozan Ohashi bridge, Kaiyukan, and the town of Osaka Bay area in the distance. The terrace is also lit up, making it instantly romantic.*★,°*:.☆

Why don’t you stretch out your legs on the big sofa and have a conversation with your friends while looking at the superb view?

Riverside Spa healing with natural hot springs

There is a spacious spa where you can luxuriously enjoy the natural hot spring pumped up from about 1,000 meters underground.

In the open-air bath Sanshin-no-yu, you can expect to get rid of the swelling by the water pressure of up to 1m deep, and you can do your activities on the next day.

Relax with your friends while feeling the breeze of the Ajigawa River.

( *︾▽︾)

You can enjoy the carbonated bath only for women. It is said that it promotes blood circulation and relieves fatigue, and can also be expected to make your skin beautiful.*:・゚✧

There is also a spacious sauna, so please refresh yourself by sweating and detoxing.

GLOW released and healed from everyday life

Estees are essential for women’s trips. Refreshing salon GLOW, which is full of luxurious feeling, has a menu that focuses on aroma treatment that gently stimulates the five senses and heals your mind and body.

Let’s polish yourself neatly with your friends!

Treat your stressed and tired body with aroma treatment or dry head spa. If you get away from your busy daily life and get a massage in an extraordinary space, you should be able to work hard from tomorrow.

Relaxation Room where you can relax for free

The Relaxation Room is next to the spa on the third floor. You can relax on the sofa or in a massage chair (for a fee). Let’s use it to heal your body tired from the trip and enjoy the girls’ trip until the end.(✿◡‿ ◡)

Liber Hotel at USJ

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Restaurants where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner

There are two restaurants in the hotel. You can choose between the buffet Dining BRICKSIDE and the Cafe & Bar LIBER where you can eat the finest steak and gelato.

Let’s take pictures with friends, and just for today, let’s forget about diet and enjoy it.♪

Dining BRICKSIDE, Vibrant and Fun Hotel Buffet

The Dining BRICKSIDE on the third floor has a large window from which you can enjoy your meal while looking out over Osaka Bay.

It uses ingredients that are nutritious and good for beauty, such as super food and lamb. Enjoy an exciting hotel buffet while looking at the spacious scenery.

You can enjoy about 100 kinds of buffet menu such as freshly made omelet and soup with lots of ingredients that you can arrange yourself. There are many kinds, so it’s hard to choose.(@_@;)

If you get full with colorful breakfast from the morning, you can have a fun day on a girls’ trip.

The best part of the buffet is that you can eat many kinds little by little.(≧∀≦)


There are many kinds of sweets that girls like. You will be excited by sweets in cute containers such as colorful macaroon ice cream and Chia seed pound cake.♪

Let’s enjoy sweets to your heart’s content while chatting.♡

Cafe & Bar LIBER, Authentic Char-grilled Steak & Gelato

Located on the first floor of the hotel, Cafe & Bar LIBER offers premium steaks made from carefully selected rare beef grilled over charcoal, a traditional Japanese technique.

In a stylish space, you can enjoy a reasonable charcoal-grilled lunch and a course dinner using rare brand Japanese beef.♪(^∇^*)

Dinner is a course that mainly uses charcoal grilled steak and plenty of seasonal seafood and vegetables. The charcoal-broiled method using a stone kiln has a crispy outside and a surprisingly soft inside texture.

You can enjoy Wagyu steak that melts as soon as you put it in your mouth. The extravagant course will give you an uplifting feeling.

(╹ڡ╹ )

Authentic gelato supervised by the first Asian gelato world champion Daizo Shibano can be enjoyed as takeout.

I recommend the Noto premium flavor of dairy limited raw milk which won the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries award, and the milk granpistachio flavor which is made by roasting pistachio from beans.

Rich gelato is on sale at 11:30 ~ 21:00.

Liber Hotel at USJ

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Inside the hotel, there are many convenient facilities unique to the official hotel. There is a UNIVERSAL STUDIOS STORE where you can buy goods in the park, a delivery service where you can send souvenirs and packages, and a ticket counter where you can buy tickets for USJ, Kaiyukan and Shuttle Cruiser Captain Line.

At the UNIVERSAL STUDIOS STORE, you can buy goods in USJ, so you can get goods without waiting in line. It’s okay if I miss buying souvenirs after playing in USJ. You are happy to be immersed in the afterglow at the hotel.♪(´▽`)

Let’s take time to take pictures at the original photo spot with the characters and make it a memory.


How was it?

If you stay in a room with a special feeling, experience a spa with a healing space, and eat delicious food at an authentic restaurant, it will be the best trip for girls.♥

Why don’t you spend your day off at a hotel which is one rank above the ordinary space, and deepen your friendship and enjoy it?

Liber Hotel at USJ

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