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Albida Hotel Aoyama, In Tokyo, For Women Only 💗

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Aoyama and Omotesando area is a playground for adults where you can enjoy the latest fashion and sophisticated gourmet.

Harajuku and Gaienmae are within walking distance, and Shibuya, Daikanyama and Roppongi are easily accessible, so adult women can enjoy all day long.


It is also recommended to experience living in a hotel near this area.

The recommended hotel is Albida Hotel Aoyama, which is perfect in everything.


♥ Guests are limited to women, and the interior has a luxurious atmosphere filled with cute wallpaper.
♥ The beauty equipment and amenities are natural and high quality.
♥ In addition, the price is reasonable and the location is excellent.

Let me introduce you to a hotel full of popular points for women!

Guests are women only♥

It takes 4 minutes on foot from Gaiemmae station and 7 minutes from Omotesando station. It is a cabin-type hotel and all rooms are for women only.

The attraction is the location and the quality of the facility. It is convenient to use as a base for activities around Shibuya and Aoyama, and it is full of services that tickle women’s hearts.♪

Visit nearby museums, have a cup of coffee at a nice cafe, or try some of the most talked-about gourmet …. There is a popular spot within walking distance, so it is the best hotel to stay and enjoy walking around Aoyama.

Albida Hotel Aoyama

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It is cute and luxurious.♡ Here are 10 points that will please women.

1. Stylish, Cute and Fragrant!

The hotel is run by ABISTE, a brand of costume accessories established in 1976, so the building is filled with gorgeous and cute items.

It has a detailed interior design, stylish guest rooms, and free use of beauty appliances, as well as a powder room and many things that make women happy.

(❤ ω ❤)

There is a lounge, shower room and powder room on the first basement floor.

You will be fascinated by the gorgeous and cute wallpaper.♡

2. Excellent Location!

The ginkgo trees in front of the Gaien (Jingu Gaien Ginkgo Avenue) have beautiful scenery in autumn. Even in the green season, the abundant trees will cheer people up.

It is also a running spot, so it is a good location for women who like exercise.

Nearby are the popular New York burger restaurant Shake Shack and a stylish cafe where TV dramas are filmed.

3. Women only, No worries!

There are three types of rooms. The most reasonable room is the capsule type. It’s a category of a simple lodging facility, so it won’t be locked.

It’s compact, but it’s also equipped with a security box, a power outlet and a USB outlet.


And the most reassuring thing is that all rooms are for women only.


4. Quick check-in

When you stay at a hotel, the first thing that bothers you is to check in. But in this hotel, you can check in automatically using a touch panel type machine.

You can enter the building anytime you want for 24 hours, so it’s good to be able to shop nearby and come back without hesitation to put your luggage.

5. Private rooms

There are 2 types of Cabin Room, the upper bed and the lower bed.

There is a bar in the hallway where you can lock your carry bag and suitcase, so you don’t have to worry about your luggage being stolen.

( *︾▽︾)


The Deluxe Cabin Room is a private room with a high ceiling, so you can spend a relaxing time. Even though the room is simple, it is filled with cuteness, and you will feel happy just looking at it.♪

The safety box on the desk is large enough to store valuables and computers.


You need a restricted access floor key to enter each floor.

The 5th floor with the Deluxe Cabin Room is full of gorgeous color tone such as wallpaper and curtains. The extraordinary luxury will touch your heart.*★,°*:.☆

Albida Hotel Aoyama

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6. Unlimited use of beauty appliances

The 24 hour lounge includes vending machines, microwaves, water heaters, power supplies and beauty appliances.

Eating and drinking except water is prohibited in the cabin, so please use this if you want to eat something.

Panasonic air massager, which is well known for its beauty appliance, and Refa’s facial rollers are also equipped, so you should try them once.♪(^∇^*)

7. Impressive powder room

There are also beauty equipment in the shower room and powder room. There are Nanocare hair dryers, hair irons, Nanocare steamers and head massagers. Is this a beauty salon?


There are 11 shower rooms in total. You can check the congestion status with your smartphone, so you can take a shower at an empty time. The dressing room is also large enough.


If you take care of your hair and skin by using items you don’t usually use, you can make your stay at a hotel more feminine.(❁´◡`❁)

8. Natural and high quality amenities

There are a variety of skincare products, and you will want to try them all. There are also famous brands, so it makes you excited.(≧∇≦)

The usage of beauty appliances is written simply and easily, so it’s safe even for people who use them for the first time. If your skin becomes glossy, you may want to buy one for yourself.

The instruction manual is basically in Japanese, but there will be no problem if you use the translation application on your smartphone.[]~( ̄▽ ̄)

If you use a hair iron, you can easily arrange your hair in a different atmosphere. If you stay the night before a party, your skin condition and hair arrangement will be perfect!

9. Enjoy an elegant tea time on the rooftop!

There are colorful parasols on the Rooftop Terrace. The set of table and chair also has various atmosphere. You should find your favorite place and have an elegant time.

Plenty of green and flowers will soothe your heart.♪(´▽`)


10. Relax in a cute cafe!

There is a cafe restaurant area where the chandelier shines on the first floor. The accommodation area is for women only, but this cafe restaurant can be used by non-guests, and men can also use it.


I recommend the Albida breakfast with crispy croissants. It comes with soup and yogurt, and it is voluminous, and you will be satisfied with your stomach and heart.(╹ڡ╹ )


You can have a cake set during tea time, so if you stay with your friends, it’s fun to have a chat while eating cake at a cafe restaurant.


Aoyama and Omotesando area has stylish cafes and shops nearby, making you feel you are in Tokyo!

Meiji-jingu Shinto shrine

It is refreshing to walk in a quiet atmosphere early in the morning or late at night. Even though it’s in the center of Tokyo, there are lots of greenery, so you can feel better just by walking.♪(^∇^*)

If you want to enjoy this area from morning till night, why not stay at Albida Hotel Aoyama?

Albida Hotel Aoyama

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