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7 Recommended Ramen Shops in Sapporo 🍜

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Hokkaido Sapporo has many interesting tourist and gourmet spots.

The Akarenga Government Building (formerly the Hokkaido Government Building) is photogenic and the night view from Mt. Moiwa is very romantic.*★,°*:.☆

There are many local gourmets. Do you like ramen?


In Sapporo, there are a lot of ramen shops where women can casually go in. They have many features, such as a stylish interior, a slightly odd menu, and a woman owner.

So this time, I picked a delicious ramen shops that women can enjoy.♪

I recommend them because you can go without hesitation and fill your stomach.

Japanese Ramen Noodle Lab Q

This is a shop right behind Sapporo Clock Tower, which has a ramen shop during the day and an izakaya at night. So please be careful when you come to the shop.

It is so stylish that you can’t believe it is a ramen shop. Let’s enjoy the feeling of luxury in your stomach and mind.


The soup is based on Shintoku Jidori (Local chicken) which is the only Jidori in Hokkaido and is made only with the famous Jidori in Japan. You can enjoy unique ramen with homemade noodles made from Hokkaido wheat.

(╹ڡ╹ )

It’s a good chance, so let’s enjoy the topping for ramen. The set of 4 kinds of char siu toppings costs 350 yen, which is reasonable. It’s a perfect shop for women who like meat.

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mari iida

About a 10 minute walk from JR Heiwa Station, mari iida is a natural styled shop with a wood-grain interior. The name of the shop is the owner’s name. If the owner is a woman, you feel close to her.(❁´◡`❁)

The counter seats also have a gentle wood grain. The back of the seat is also wide, so it’s a distance that you won’t bump into people waiting. So you can enjoy ramen at your own pace even if there are people waiting in line.


The arrangement is stylish and you will want to take a picture. The noodles are homemade with Hokkaido wheat. There are menus with truffle sauce and special oil.


It seems that flowers of meat are blooming in Rare Char Siu Don. It’s surprising that this volume costs less than 400 yen.(≧∇≦)

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It is a five-minute walk from Hiragishi Station and has a stylish white wall. In addition, not only the exterior but also the inside of the shop and the ramen itself look great in photos, so it is a very popular shop among women.


The interior is black and stylish. There are counter seats and table seats, so it can use both single and group guests.

It is a system to buy a ticket of ramen you want to eat at a ticket vending machine first.


It’s homemade straight noodles, and the good smell of Hokkaido wheat will spread in your mouth. The jelly on top of the bright red bowl is seafood broth. It melts in hot soup, and the taste becomes deeper and deeper. Ramen with jelly is rare!

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Ramen Yutsuki

It is about a 10 minute walk from the Higashi Kuyakusho-mae Subway Station. In addition to the counter, there are also table seats and tatami seats. There are many guests with children, the owner is a woman, and even girls can enter easily.♪

Half size is available, so it is also suitable for those who want to eat various dishes or cannot eat a lot.

(★ ω ★)

The popular menu is eth-curry RA-MEN, an ethnic curry ramen made with various spices. It is spicy and has a pungent taste that is not inferior to soup curry which is the soul food of Sapporo.

If you like curry, you will want to eat it at least once a month. It is so delicious that you will become addicted to it.


Yuugetsu Shio Ramen (salt based ramen) looks light but has a rich taste. It uses a special broth that is a blend of 3 types of soup, animal, seafood, and vegetable and fruit, and it is a ramen that takes time and effort.

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175 ° DENO Dandan Noodles

This is a Tantanmen (Dandan Noodles) shop with many Japanese fans. Located on the first floor of a multi-tenant building near Odori Park, the interior is stylish. There are counter and table seats.


This is dandan noodles without soup. The spiciness of Sansho (Japanese pepper) is expressed as “Shibire" in the shop, and you can choose whether to have or not. If you don’t like Sansho, don’t use it.


This is a separate plate of 3 kinds of Sichuan pepper. I heard that Sichuan pepper used in the shop goes directly to Sichuan Province in China to purchase. It sounds fun to share with friends and compare the tastes!


You can freely enjoy various spices on the menu. The homemade chili oil is also delicious and is also available for takeout.

With that, various dishes can be upgraded to authentic Sichuan-style dishes. How about a souvenir for your trip?

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Tomato noodles Vegie

This ramen shop has a stylish sign with a bright red exterior. It is a 7 minute walk from Shiroishi Subway Station.

The table, chairs and interior are also cute. There are also table seats available for groups.

( *︾▽︾)

The red soup is not red pepper but the color of tomato sauce. The special noodles made from Hokkaido wheat are mixed with tomato sauce and chicken bone vegetable soup, and it is extremely delicious.♪

That is the shop’s regular dish, so please try it. You can also order a large serving of vegetables as a topping.


If you’re still hungry, why don’t you order risotto rice balls? The cheese melts from the inside and becomes like a risotto. This is a superb dish.♪

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The name Amewayasashiku means “The rain is gentle." in English. It is a ramen shop with a name that is somehow friendly to women.

Inside the shop, there is a hand-drawn blackboard and gentle lighting. It is a shop where even women can spend time at ease. There are table seats, so you can come as a group.

☆*: .。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

The soup is made from dried sardines and topped with chicken liver paste. You eat it while melting it. It has a rich and mild taste.

The toppings are char siu and burdock tempura. It is a rare ramen, but it is delicious.


You can increase the amount of liver paste and burdock tempura. The amount of soup is small, so even women can enjoy all of it.

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How was it?

Ramen is one of the gourmet foods that I want you to eat when you come to Sapporo.

Find your favorite ramen shop and make your stay in Sapporo meaningful.(´▽`)

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