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8 Recommended Beer Bars in Jimbocho, Tokyo 🍺

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Jinbo-cho is famous as the “town of books," and there are many major publishers and used bookstores along the street.

It is also a “student town" where universities, preparatory schools and vocational schools gather.


There are actually many restaurants in Jinbocho.

There are also many beer bars, and bars where you can drink delicious beer are now drawing attention from young people and women.

Popular craft beer, special beer from Germany and Belgium, all you can drink beer… This time, I will introduce you to 8 beer bars in Jinbocho!


This is an Italian bar that is famous for its kiln-baked pizza, but it is actually a bar that is particular about beer. It’s a 1-minute walk from Jimbocho Station.


The owner aims to produce the best draft beer in Jinbocho. He is also particular about beer glasses and uses thin ones.

Beer in these glasses tastes mild, so I recommend it to women who don’t like beer.

The kiln-baked pizza has the best chewy dough and aroma baked at high temperature. There are standard ones such as Marinara, Margherita, Romana, etc.

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It is located on the 1st floor of Terrace Square, a 2-minute walk from Jimbocho Station. It is a beer bar where you can enjoy 30 kinds of craft beer from all over Japan and the world at a uniform price.

You can spend an elegant time feeling the wind in a stylish space based on wood.(❁´◡`❁)


Carefully selected 30 kinds of craft beer in a barrel are great. Those unique beers have a flat price no matter which one you choose.

They come in a variety of flavors, from fruity to bitter, so you’ll definitely find something you like!

The main dishes are ethnic dishes that go well with beer. There is no doubt that you won’t be able to stop drinking beer, such as spicy dishes that are addictive.

They have a lot of vegetables in it, so women are happy too.♪

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Dining Cafe Esperia

It is a beer dining where you can enjoy more than 20 kinds of craft beer and wine in 1 minute walk from Jimbocho station. Surprisingly, there are 160 seats.(ノ◕ヮ◕)


In the restaurant, you can enjoy craft beer of 5 taps at any time, bottle craft beer, standard barrel draft beer, etc. Colorful beer labels are easy to choose. I’m sure you’ll find your favorite beer.

You can enjoy a variety dishes that go well with beer and wine. There are many popular dishes such as paella full of seafood, beef stewed in red wine, and the famous spicy pork spare ribs.

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Sakura Cafe Jimbocho

It’s a 2 minute walk from Jimbocho station, and you can enjoy dishes and beer from all over the world.

You can enjoy dishes made with organic vegetables and premium eggs, and dishes from various countries such as Spain, Taiwan and Italy.

(╹ڡ╹ )

There are always more than 40 types of bottled beer from all over the world. They range from popular classic beers like Corona, Singha and Brooklyn Lager to rare brands like Kronenbourg 1664 and the Simay series.

The lineup changes every season, so beer lovers would like to visit this restaurant regularly.


Here, wild grass grown naturally in the pesticide-free environment of a farm in Aomori is served as food and drink.

Please enjoy the original delicacies made with pesticide-free wild grass.

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BEER PUB 8taps

It is a British pub where you can enjoy beer and hamburgers in 1 minute walk from Jimbocho station. The food menu is reasonable, so it’s a very popular pub among young people.

[]~( ̄▽ ̄)~*

Draft barrel draft beer comes in up to 8 taps including permanent 5 taps (Kirin Heartland, Guinness, Bass Pale Ale, Punk IPA, Hoegaarden). In addition, there are more than 40 kinds of bottled beers from around the world, so you can enjoy your favorite beer depending on the mood of the day.

The popular food is a voluminous hamburger.(◕‿ ◕)

High quality beef patty, smooth sauce, crisp lettuce and tomato, everything is superb. You can enjoy the American atmosphere in Japan with beer and hamburgers.

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Hinomoto Beer Parlor

It is a beer bar where you can enjoy Japanese craft beer and brewed sake in 3 minutes walk from Jimbocho station. The simple exterior is stylish like a cafe.

( *︾▽︾)

There are always 10 taps of domestic craft beer in the bar. The lineup changes every time, so it is one of the attractions that you can enjoy different drinks every time.

If you don’t know what to order, I recommend the Tasting Set where you can choose your favorite three from the list and compare the tastes of beer.

The food is mainly handmade Japanese dishes. From small bowls to solid meat dishes, you’ll want to stay longer in front of seasonal dishes.

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It’s a 10 minute walk from Jimbocho Station, and it’s a dining bar where you can enjoy hamburgers in the daytime and craft beer and American food at night. The white monotone exterior and terrace seats are stylish.


The specialty of the bar is the craft beer which has more than 30 kinds in stock, and the lemon beer which uses homemade honey lemon syrup is also popular.

It is refreshing, easy to drink and sweet, so it is recommended for women who don’t like beer.

At lunchtime, 11 kinds of special hamburgers are very popular. The authentic 100% beef hamburger is filling and you can enjoy the original flavor of the meat. You can have American sweets during cafe time.

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Brussels Kanda

It’s a 3-minute walk from Jimbocho Station, and it’s the oldest specialty bar of Belgian beer in Japan. This Kanda shop is the first one in Brussels which has shared the pleasure of Belgian beer with many people since its establishment in 1986.

(★ ω ★)

There are 80 kinds of beer including imported beer. I recommend you to share and drink colorful Belgian beer in a large bottle. The staff will tell you the recommended beer.

There are many kinds of dishes such as meat and vegetables, but the restaurant’s recommendation is fresh fish from Toyosu.

You can also enjoy standard Western dishes such as carpaccio and aqua pazza.

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Beer is an alcohol you can enjoy casually without knowing detailed manners, so it’s perfect for casual women’s parties.

Why don’t you stop at a beer bar in Jimbocho after sightseeing?

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