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8 Photogenic Sweets Cafes around Kyoto Station 🧁

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Doesn’t “I arrived at Kyoto Station, but I want to take a break before going around the tourist spots." or “I have some time left before the bullet train leaves." often happen to you?

In that case, why don’t you stop by a cafe near Kyoto station?


It is good to go to the cafe you can see, but if you come all the way, how about some photogenic and stylish sweets that will be memorable?

This time, I will introduce a cafe with photogenic sweets that you can enjoy both looking and eating around Kyoto Station.

*The menu may change depending on the season, so please check the official website for details.


If you want to eat a photogenic parfait, stop by FUKUNAGA 901 in the station building.

If you take a picture with the sparkling parfait, you will be cute too. Let’s enjoy fresh parfait after taking a picture.

Shine muscat that can be eaten with the skin is very juicy.

(╹ڡ╹ )

901 Tower is a parfait with colorful macarons that will whet your appetite.

Every parfait is delicious and you can smile.♪

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This is a shop run by Fukujuen, a well-established Japanese tea shop famous for its bottled tea Iyemon.

The simple interior expresses the spirit of Zen and makes you feel relaxed. There are various kinds of tea from traditional ones to blend of herbs, so you can try various kinds of tea.

( *︾▽︾)

If you’re looking for a photogenic sweet that’s typical of Kyoto, I recommend the Herbal Tea & Sweets Pairing Set.

The colorful sweets and paired tea will stir girls’ hearts. It looks like jewelry.

(❤ ω ❤)

Matcha Blancmange sparkles like Christmas tree decorations and is gorgeous!

It contains matcha cream, shiratama (rice-flour dumplings) and chestnuts.

It’s very photogenic. So it’s a waste to eat.(≧∇≦)

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Nakamura Tokichi Kyoto Station

This Uji tea cafe is popular with the Kyoto people, and its entrance has a unique noren (short curtain hung at the entrance of a room) in the shape of a tiled roof. It’s a cafe where gorgeous Kimono goes well.


This parfait has the same design as Noren on pure white fresh cream. Green tea ice cream, green tea jelly, rice flour dumplings, and azuki beans are included, and it is full of Kyoto flavor!

You will be impressed by how delicious Matcha is.


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Tsuruya Yoshinobu IRODORI

This is a long-established Japanese confectionery shop located just outside Kyoto Station Hachijo Exit where you can enjoy cute seasonal Japanese confectionery.


The scenery you may encounter in Kyoto from now on and the scenery you have already met are expressed in Wagashi, and you will be able to have a lively conversation.

If you have a chance to wear Kimono during your trip, please look for the same pattern on Kimono.(✿◡‿ ◡)


Monaka Plate whose pastel colors tickle girls’ hearts is that you can sandwich the red bean paste that changes depending on the season.

They look like macaroons. What do they taste like?

If you take a picture with colorful Monaka, you can take a cute and pop picture. The little Monaka will make you excited.♪

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This is a hidden cafe where you can overlook Kyoto Station’s famous large staircase. The big stairs are illuminated in the evening. You can go to see the stairs right away, so if you want to enjoy both sweets and stairs, please visit.


Chasen Tamatebako sweets are in a wooden box. When the staff opens it, smoke comes out from inside.o(≧∀≦)o

The person who ordered for the first time may be surprised!

When the smoke calms down, you can see sweets like Kaiseki cuisine. It’s like a dream to be able to eat various sweets at once.

You will be excited every time you visit because the kinds of sweets change depending on the season.

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Tsumugi Cafe

This is an open cafe about a 5-minute walk from Kyoto Station, with cute square biscuit-like chairs.

The color scheme of the shop and the gradation with high compatibility are attractive. You can take a nice picture easily.


Green Tea Latte Presso, a three-layer drink consisting of green tea, milk and espresso, and Green Tea Marble Cheesecake, which has the same color, are popular.

*★,°*:.☆*.°★* 。♥

Matcha Affogato which contains espresso and matcha in a beaker is also photogenic.

You will be excited to remember the science experiment at school. Please add memories of your youth to the sweets with exquisite sweetness and bitterness.

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Kaikado Cafe

This is a cafe run by the tea container workshop Kaikado, which was established in 1875.

The copper, brass and tin tea canisters in the shop reflect light and are very beautiful. The building that renovated the garage and office of the streetcar is designated as a registered tangible cultural property.

Both the exterior and the interior have that atmosphere, so they look good in photos. It takes about 10 minutes on foot from Kyoto station.


The round cheesecake like a tea canister is attractive. This is a sweet that is attractive because it is simple without unnecessary things. The three-layered cheesecake has a refreshing aftertaste and goes well with tea.

It has such a mysterious charm that you will want to eat it again even after you finish eating.


Anbata with thick toast and plenty of sweet bean paste is superb. Open your mouth wide and eat!


Tea Caddies Brass 100g

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All the cafes I introduced this time have gorgeous photogenic sweets.

It is unique to Kyoto, the ancient capital, that there are many choices such as cute Japanese sweets and fashionable western sweets.(╹ڡ╹ )

If you want to take a break after arriving at Kyoto Station or while waiting for the bullet train to return, stop by a cafe near Kyoto Station.

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